Where to Insulate a House 

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The role of insulation is to be a barrier to heat gain and heat loss, particularly in floors and walls, roofs and ceilings. In a lot of houses, insulation is the most cost-effective and practical method to make a home more energy-efficient, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. It could save around 79% of cooling and heating losses. Additionally, insulation might lower condensation in a house. This could offer health benefits be lowering damp and mold.

Attic Insulation 

Usually, batt or loose-fill insulation is installed in the attic. Batt insulation is typically more expensive to install than loss-fill insulation. However, whenever it is properly installed, loss-fill insulation offers better coverage.  

Measure the insulation thickness to know if you’ve got enough insulation in the attic. You can possibly benefit by installing more if it’s less than an equivalent of R30. Make roof repairs and seal any air leaks before insulating the attic. In addition to that, don’t forget to seal the attic access and insulate it if it’s located in a conditioned area of your home.  

Duct Insulation 

Seal and insulate your ducts if they are located in an unconditioned area. To avoid the energy losses connected with almost all duct systems, install them in a conditioned area if you are constructing a new home.  

Exterior Wall Insulation 

Possibilities are you need to install insulation to your exterior walls if your attic has proper air sealing and enough insulation, yet your house still feels warm in the summer or cold and drafty in the winter. This is more costly and typically needs insulation contractors. However, it might be worth it. This is very true if you’re living in an area with a very cold climate. Consider installing insulation at the same time if you replace your house’s exterior siding.  

Consider utilizing blow-in insulation in an old house. This method would offer significant air sealing when installed. It could be installed to exterior walls without causing a lot of disturbance to finished spaces of a house.  

Consider utilizing advanced wall framing methods if you are constructing an old-style framed home. These methods enhance the R-value of the entire wall by maximizing the insulated area and lowering the thermal bridging.  

In addition, consider utilizing insulating wall sheathing instead of wood sheathing items because they offer great R-Value. 

  • Foam sheathing offers a constant insulation layer. This lowers thermal bridging via wood studs. This can improve comfort while saving energy. 
  • It is also simpler to install and cut than wood sheathing products.  
  • Typically, it is much cheaper than OSB or plywood. 

The walls would need bracing and other reinforcement for its structure if you replace OSB or plywood with foam sheathing. 

Insulating Floors above Unconditioned Garage 

Seal first all potential air leakage sources when you are insulating floors above unheated garage. Aside from that, you could also use an air barrier to stop cold air in your garage from “short circuiting” the applied insulation below the subfloor.  

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Deck Building: Things to Do

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Are you planning to build a deck for your home? Do you want to have a place outdoor that you can relax in. A deck is a perfect place to do just that. Are you looking for the best deck builder Blaine has to offer? Then make sure to click on the link and be sure to check them out. Being able to have a deck is an amazing addition to your home. However, like your home there are some consideration that you should make to make sure that you have a place to stay in a long time rather than be stressed if it would give out on you in a couple years. 


While we can’t stop decay, at least we can build a sturdier deck that won’t injure you because the plank broke out of nowhere. If you follow this list you’ll be able to enjoy that deck of yours for a long long time. 

Tip 1: Plan and make the layout. This is important if you are building a deck. Make a plan of how you want it to look. Afterwards make a layout of it in the space prepared. This is so you can make out what adjustments you need to do and what other considerations you need to make.  

Tip 2: Blocking. To make the deck sturdier and avoid the wavy deck look use perpendicular and diagonal blocking. The trick to this is to use a lumber that is narrower so it won’t be like a sore thumb sticking out.  

Tip 3: Tape (Flashing Tape). This type of tape will help your deck avoid premature rotting. When the water gets trapped in the joists of your deck it can rot the wood. So, use the flashing tape on its perimeter to help water from being trapped.  

Tip 4: Quality Lumber. It is a good idea to use high quality lumber to hold the deck. Of course you don’t exactly need to use it in your whole deck because it can too pricey. However for your foundation you can use high quality sturdy and strong lumber instead.  

Tip 5: Water Shedding. Water shedding decking is another step you can take to avoid deck rot. It is a material that will keep the water away from your deck and below it. So, if you have another space made up underneath your deck you can have it and not worry of rain going through the deck.   

The most important thing for you to do is make sure that you have set up a good plan and that you use high quality materials. You also need to make sure whoever is working for you that they do know what they are doing and knows the ins and outs of the job. This is important for any project because it allows you to enjoy the finished project longer and have high quality product. Maintenance would also be cheaper because you don’t have to change and repair so often.  

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When a younger daughter becomes a teenager, it is going to be very obvious to know. They would have a different mindset and views about something and even to themselves. They are going to be more self-reliant and sometimes become more curious about many things. They would like to try something but they are afraid that it might have a negative effect to them or to the people around them. They are becoming more conscious about the way they look. They are starting to look at the mirror and ask themselves if they are beautiful or not pretty. This is the stage of their life that they want to use some skin care products for them to look ever more beautiful to others. They would change their clothing behavior as well. They are more conservative about the changes that is happening. Some of them are more on material things, they want their party to be very fabulous and invite all of her classmates and friends to show that her birthday is very good. Few of them tried to have party bus rental because for their parents it is a good experience and it is just once in a lifetime encounter.

  1. LOCATION OF THE PARTY: Since, they female it means that they would like to have something very colorful and maybe a place that has a lot of flowers or color pink background. They don’t want to have a field party or something that boys like to have. They want it to be celebrated in a restaurant with balloons and everything related to her likes. But of course, not all would love to have it outside. Some of them would prefer to have it in a garden have their friends with them.
  2. MEALS FOR THE PARTY: Boy and girls could have a different taste bud when it comes to choosing the meal and food for the occasion. They always want to have cakes for their event. Sweet foods are also present there. They don’t like pizza and hamburgers for their special day.
  3. COSTUMES FOR THE PARTY: Being a teenage girl means you are also considering the clothes that people or your friends will wear to the party. They want to have a theme for it. They want to wear the best clothes and dresses for that night.
  4. GAMES AND ACTIVITIES: Unlike boys, females would love to have a simple game. Something that doesn’t need the skill of running and exert a lot of energy to do. Most of them would just love to have guessing games or anything that girl things are part of it.
  5. TOKENS: Girls could be very different when it comes to this. For them, souvenir is very important part of it. They will give something to their friends and classmates and guests after the party, this one will remind the visitors that they attended someone’s party.
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